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Transportation Bikes / Cargo Bikes DIN 79010

Bicycles, Pedelecs – Enhanced test requirements – velotech.de_Q

Bicycles – DIN EN ISO 4210-2:2015-12

Bicycles – Electrically power assisted cycles DIN EN 15194:2015-07

Bicycles – Cycle trailers DIN EN 15918:2017-05

Bicycles – Accessories for bicycles – Luggage carriers DIN EN 11243:2016-12 (E)

Bicycles – Lighting equipment and dynamos DIN 33958:2014-12

BMX bicycles – DIN EN 16054:2012-11

Stationary bicycle parking systems – DIN 79008-1:2016-05

Safety of toys – Part 1 DIN EN 71-1:2015-02

Safety of toys – Part 2 DIN EN 71-2:2014-07

Safety of toys – Part 3 DIN EN 71-3:2014-12

Roller sports equipment – Kick scooters DIN EN 14619:2015-06

Child care articles – DIN EN 1888:2012-06

Manual wheelchairs – EN 12183:2014

Walking aids manipulated by both arms – German version EN ISO 11199-2:2005

  • How to specify gross vehicle weight (GVW)

    How to determine the load limit of your product

    GVW or permissible maximum weight:

    vehicle + rider + luggage = permissible maximum weight
  • For a lot of load

    Developing the upcoming cargo bike standard

    Cargo Bikes and Cargo Pedelecs

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  • GS certification

    Balance bicycle, a popular child’s toy

    Riding toys

    Failure of front forks or handlebars can put the child at risk.
  • No matter whether e-MTB, e-cargo bike, or e-scoote

    All tests required for CE certification

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