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When it comes to quality, you should leave nothing to chance! is one of the leading international bodies in the field of product testing and product certification. Your company is in safe hands with us. Testing at is carried out in accordance with the standards and directives required for granting major certification marks with respect to quality and safety. Our testing laboratory is accredited for granting, amongst others, the CE mark for the European Union or the GS mark (Tested Safety). In addition, we can issue our in-house mark for products that need to comply with internationally recognised standards.

With regard to the quality of your products, you should leave nothing to chance. Rely on our expertise, we are experts in safety.




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Cargo Bike

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Walking Aids

  • For a lot of load

    Developing the upcoming cargo bike standard

    Cargo Bikes and Cargo Pedelecs

    Benefit from the test procedures
  • How to specify gross vehicle weight (GVW)

    How to determine the load limit of your product

    GVW or permissible maximum weight:

    vehicle + rider + luggage = permissible maximum weight
  • No matter whether e-MTB, e-cargo bike, or e-scoote

    All tests required for CE certification

    Full service for CE certification

    Benefit from our expertise in this field
  • GS certification

    Balance bicycle, a popular child’s toy

    Riding toys

    Failure of front forks or handlebars can put the child at risk.